F’ed Up, Fired Up!

When setting goals for yourself, you need some accountability for your progress. Having an accountability partner to check in with weekly can help you stay on track.

Working with someone to complete your goals will make you feel inclined to do them. A quick way to check in with your partner is “F’ed up, fired up”.

F’ed Up

When speaking about your goals, acknowledge your failures! Don’t hide from them. It would be great to reach every single goal you set, but it’s not always about hitting each and every one of them. A step forward is good enough.

Point out where you f’ed up and recourse your week to fulfill it the next week. This will put you on the right track to complete those goals you are constantly putting aside.

Fired Up

The same way you acknowledge your failures, you should praise your success. After you’ve gone over what you f’ed up, talk about what you are fired up about! Which goal did you hit, and how did it make you feel.

Give credit where credit is due.

This quick 2 step “fact” check will only help if you are honest with yourself. This won’t actually do anything towards completing your goals, if you truly don’t work towards them. It is easy to talk about your goals, it is more fulfilling actually getting them done.

If you are having trouble accumulating a list of attainable goals, remember to plan them the SMART way.



Agreed Upon



So, the next time you make a list of goals, find your accountability parter, plan them SMARTly, and get fired up about completing them!


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How To Write Successful SEO Writing

Just as inMark is a business, so are search engines. That means they want to make money.  But, that won’t happen by promoting unprofessional sites to the top of consumer searches. Search engine web crawlers track what users want to read. That means conversational, clear and concise articles will ultimately win the race. Content that is difficult to understand will create nothing but failed views.

Here are some tips to get your content to the top of the search engine!

1. Focus on the “goings-on” of your article- One of the most important components of your SEO article is your material. Whether you’re trying to get to the top of the search or not, content should be your number one

  • Repeat: Keywords should be repeated 4-8 times, but don’t over-stuff your story with them. Some web crawlers will mark you negatively for overusing keywords.
  • Introduce: Introductions and conclusions are essential to the success of your SEO article. Introductions should include a brief summary to the story and conclusions should repeat the key aspects of your article.
  • Check: Misspellings and bad sentences will severely decrease your views. Web crawlers can’t read poorly worded sentences and grammatical errors. Even if they could, they wouldn’t promote poorly written content to the top of searches.
  • Graphics: Photos, sidebars, graphs and charts are all added bonuses that will increase the views on your page.

2. Use authoritative sites- cautiously but consistently.

  • Hyperlinking: Hyperlinks are your friends, especially if you are linking to highly respected and valued sites and articles. Authoritative outside sources are imperative to getting your article to the top of a search.
  • Three: Link to at least three relevant pages in each of your stories.

3. Format your content- The longer people stay on your page, the more likely they are to search around. Lists keep people focused on the keys of your article. They’re easier to understand and cause less stress for the reader.

  • Subheadings: With SEO writing, lists are your best friend. Lists should include subheadings and bolded headings. They tell the reader what each section is going to explain.
  • Bold: Make the subheadings stand out. It’s easier on the reader to figure out what sections to read.
  • Numbers: Lists with numbers get clicks. When using numbered lists, use odd numbers. Odd numbered lists get more views.

4. Headlines that get to the point- A failed headline is a failed article. If it doesn’t get to the point, no one will click on it. Make it clear and keep it simple.

  • Character rule: Headlines are the most important words in your article. But, that doesn’t mean there should be a lot of words. Keep headlines under 65 characters, because search engine web crawlers won’t index anything more.
  • Active: Stay in the active voice and use concrete keywords that people would actually search. Think about how you would use search engines. Most people use fragments to enter a search. That’s why keywords are so important.
  • Front Load: Most relevant words should always come first.
  • Clear: Cleverness doesn’t win here. Clarity and accuracy are the most important components of a successful SEO headline.

SEO content is important to the online success of businesses big and small. However, many fall short when they attempt it. Keep your headlines clear and concise, format your article into lists, employ subheadings (especially bolded ones) and link to authoritative sites. Follow these key tips and your business may be a successful SEO-content business.

If you are still having trouble with your SEO marketing then contact us at inMark Media, we will help!

Source: https://inmarkmg.com/social-media/how-to-write-successful-seo-writing/

Benefits of Supermarket Advertising

As a business owner you may be thinking of new ways to advertise and brand yourself. Depending on who your target audience is, your form of advertising should reflect your audience. If you are looking more for a large reach, maybe TV ads or broadcasting will do. But, how many people actually pay attention to those nowadays.

What if you are looking to reach your local market? I would say a newspaper ad of some sort will do you justice, but then again, who actually reads those anyways. On top of people not reading it, you are paying tons of money for your ad to get cycled once a week for a month.

Enter inMark’s supermarket advertising!

Here are a few benefits of investing in supermarket advertising.

Precise Targeting:

Sometimes with ads you don’t really know who you are advertising to. You may have a great ad, but you are reaching the wrong people. What is an ad without the right audience anyways. For a business working locally, your audience is local persona. There is no better way to reach them, than their local supermarket!


Unlike other forms of advertising in which you will be competing for ad space with other businesses of all kinds, some different, some the same as yours. Supermarket advertising with inMark is exclusive to your local audience and with limited space, your business will be the only one of your kind.


Now you are the exclusive business in your local supermarket, so what? Well let me explain. The average grocery shopper goes to their local market 2 to 3 times a week. That is 8 to 12 times a month! Depending on how long your ad is up, the consumer will be seeing your add multiple times over the course of 6 months to a year!


Everything you do is done with the thought of your branding in mind. That is why consumers repeatedly looking at your ad will significantly raise the chance of them calling you in their time of need. You will be a familiar face in their consciousness.

They may not need your service or product the first time they see your ad, but they will constantly see your ad. Next time they do need your service or product, you will be on their mind.

Contact us at inMark Media and we can set up a quick phone call or appointment to get you started!


Source: https://inmarkmg.com/supermarkets/benefits-of-supermarket-advertising/

What Good Branding On Social Media Looks Like

Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses because it allows businesses to reach current and prospective clients directly. Businesses can also receive invaluable feedback that can help improve the way that they communicate with their audience. Not only can it use used to benefit businesses, but it can also hurt your business if you are not on social.

One of the biggest issues that businesses have is not setting up social accounts, but knowing what to do with them to get people engaged. If you feel like your business’ brand is not being represented the way you want it to on social, follow these strategies to get the results you want.

Picking The Right Platform

When you understand who your audience is, you can understand which platform is the best for you. For example, a law firm should not be investing time with Pinterest since that platform benefits businesses that are female-focused and offer products rather than services. By researching successful profiles on each platform, you will be able to see what works well for certain companies. Then, you can use their strategies and apply them to your business. Additionally, you want to start off by focusing on one account. That way, you can post frequently from one account and generate maximum content. Don’t have the time to research? inMark comes in clutch. We can help evaluate which platform would be best for your business!

Be Selective

As you develop your brand on social media, you will realize just how much content you will be competing with. For example, Instagram users will spend less than 10 seconds on a profile before they scroll to the next profile on their feed. Because of this, you need to make sure that every post you make is not only in line with the brand you want your business to exude, but also aesthetically appealing to your audience. When you produce consistent and appealing content, users are more likely to follow you and keep up with your organization when they see you on their feed. Every post counts!

Consistency is Key

It’s not enough to have interesting and relevant content. If you don’t post consistently and at the appropriate times, followers will forget about your organization. Branding relies heavily on repetition so you can get the recognition you seek. The best way to ensure you are posting enough is by making a content calendar. Schedule how many posts you make, when you make them, and what you’re going to post. By creating a content calendar, you create an goal to hit within your Social Media plan. Just like you have sales goals or records you want to hit, the same goes for Social Media.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Once you have gotten into the habit of being selective about what you post, how frequent you post, and being consistent, you reach another tier you have to tackle in order to uphold the branding you have created. It is extremely important to engage with your audience, as it make your followers feel like you truly care about about them. Engaging is as easy as liking their comments, following them, reposting something they shared, or even Direct Messaging them. If you have a particularly strong following, reward your users by letting them contribute User-Generated Content (UGC).

Pay Attention to the Competition

Ignore everything you’ve heard about ignoring the competition. When it comes to social media, you need to know who your biggest competitors are and what they’re posting. Understand the type of content they post, what gets the most likes, and how they are engaging with their audience. Being aware of who could potentially be taking your prospective clients can help you decide what to post and when. The ‘social’ in social media applies to all of its users… even the ones you don’t want to interact with.

By following these steps, you can get your brand displayed on social media on your terms. Contact us at inMark Media to handle your social media strategy.

Source: https://inmarkmg.com/social-media/what-good-branding-on-social-media-looks-like/

Greater Hudson Bank features inMark Media

Greater Hudson Bank is our bank of choice! Being that they have 6 locations all over the Hudson Valley, they make it effortless to reach them. Since we have started banking with Greater Hudson Bank, they have made sure we feel welcome at all times, and have completely satisfied all of our financial needs.

After all, if it wasn’t for our partnership with Greater Hudson Bank, we wouldn’t be able to support everything we have coming in 2018. With expansion on our minds, and a stable, growing bank such as Greater Hudson, there is no cap to what we can achieve.

Greater Hudson Bank has been kind enough to have us as a featured client. And it was an honor to have Franco’s interview on behalf of inMark aired on Mike & Kacey in the Morning. Mike & Kacey have been honored several times for being the “Best Morning Show” as they feature a great mix of music, traffic, weather, and news updates to get your day started.

Stay tuned for this segment of their show in the upcoming weeks.

“Greater Hudson Bank’s approach to community banking separates them from the rest. There is no better feeling than knowing that we can trust them with all of our financial needs. Greater Hudson Bank has gone above and beyond to customize a banking solution that perfectly suits our company.” – Franco Cabral




If you haven’t been up to date with what inMark has been doing, here is a quick list of what we have been working on in 2018!

  • We have expanded our Supermarket territory tremendously in the last 90 days.
    • 250+ new supermarkets
  • We are now going digital in our supermarkets!
    • Digital TV Networks will be available for advertising.
  • We’ve also amped up our agency services and have expanded this portion of our services.
    • Brand Development
    • Facebook ADs
    • Website Design
    • Social Media
    • Sales Consulting
    • Copywriting
    • Printing
    • Motion Graphics
    • Email Marketing

Contact us now for any of our services to make you the most well known business in your community!


Source: https://inmarkmg.com/culture/greater-hudson-bank-features-inmark-media/

Tune In Thursdays For Our Story Takeover!

Thursdays are one of the best days of the week. It is the Friday Jr. of the week. And if you are like us here at inMark, we love looking forward to our weekends.

Except the best part about Thursdays for us is our Instagram story takeover! 

Tell me already, what is the story takeover?!

If you have an Instagram account already, then you know what a story is. Our social media team is always posting useful tips and content on our story.

Our story takeover is just that, one of our employees each week, takes control of our instagram account and gives you an inside look at inMark through their eyes. Each job position gets their own day. Our accountants, creative department, business developers, sales reps and managers, all get a chance to show off their day.

So check in every Thursday and get familiar with our team! Go ahead and follow us now, we’re excited to bring you a few laughs before the weekend!

Source: https://inmarkmg.com/culture/tune-in-thursdays-for-our-story-takeover/

Brand Bar: Guaranteed to Touch Hands

The Brand Bar is InMark Media’s newly designed and innovative grocery store divider. Its guaranteed to touch the hands of your audience.  Want to target locally? There’s no better place to advertise than in your local supermarket.

You can’t ignore it!

If a customer is buying something, they’ll have to check out. While they’re waiting on the (usually long) check-out line, our brand bars will serve as advertisement for our clients. InMark’s Brand Bars put a spin on the original dividers that separate one costumer’s groceries from another’s.


On an average day, 32 million Americans go to supermarkets nationwide. During an average week, Americans shop at their local supermarkets 2-3 times per week. The constant traffic in most supermarkets nationwide allows for constant advertisement engagement.


Our supermarket advertising is exclusive. Whichever local supermarket your company’s advertisement is in, your competition’s will not be! Unlike other forms of media advertising, we care about our customers and care about their successes.


Dividers are one of the most utilized tools in supermarkets. Unlike other dividers, our Brand Bars feature a billboard-like double-sided advertisement that is three inches in height. It is attached to the typical divider and draws extra attention to advertisements.

Build your brand and your business with the Brand Bar. This nifty product is exactly what you are looking for. Contact us to get started now!

Source: https://inmarkmg.com/supermarkets/brand-bar-guaranteed-to-touch-hands/