Daily Huddles

It feels good to have a feel good routine. Starting your day right can lead to a better rest of the day. It also makes you feel better knowing someone is listening to you. This all ties into our daily huddles at inMark Media. Our daily huddles consist of learning, understanding, laughing, and a sense of community. We all come in to work with our coffees in hand ready to start our days. We work until about 10:45am each day. Then it is time for a 15-minute pause in our hectic days to gather around and share our thoughts about a quote with a positive message.

The daily quote is always one that promotes growth, positivity, learning new things, or is simply motivational. When the daily quote is read, each of us speak about how that quote resonated with us. This is important to get into the mind of others because we each have something different to say, everyone reacts differently. It works so well because everyone has their own mind, so one quote can have many different meanings, and someone could say something that resonates with you to build off of. Just like we do in our office, build each other up, apposed to breaking each other down for our own benefit. We work as a team, when someone is down, we pick them back up. It benefits all of us at the end of the day.

“I am best version of myself when I am with you.”

The quote above is an example of our daily quote. Such a simple quote, yet so many interpretations can be made of it. One can take this a specific person in their life that pushes them to be great, or just the team around us that pushes each of us to be the best version of ourselves each day. We try to take something away from each daily huddle, we look to progress in one way or another. That is why everyone enjoys coming in to work, we are always growing, and striving for best no matter the circumstances.

The daily huddle is our team’s way of picking up each other for the day. Making sure no one is stuck on anything, and if they are they have a whole team of people to count on. It also serves as a breather before our lunch break. We get to get our minds off of work for aa bit and have some good convo to set up the tone for the rest of the day. After the huddle everybody is usually more motivated to get back to work. At inMark Media you have a group of like minded people supporting you, your goals, and the team’s goals.

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Which Marketing Channel Should a New Business Use?

In some aspects it’s very convenient that communication and media are practically embedded into our daily lives. But, in terms of figuring out which marketing channels to use, this creates an extremely overwhelming atmosphere for new and existing businesses.


So, where do you begin?

businessman is thinking.

Well, first we need to understand the differences in two strategies: one or multi-channel marketing. Although the latter is more advanced and usually used by bigger companies with larger marketing departments or hired marketing consultants, the strategy may not be completely out of the question for a newer, smaller company.


But, this multi-channel marketing strategy is often where things can get pretty overwhelming and convoluted. Why? Because each individual channel also has various techniques and processes that serve different purposes to master brand-to-consumer communication.


Instead, let’s take a seat back, look at your company and its goals, and answer some basic questions.


  • Who are you trying to reach?


  • Where are those consumers the most?


  • What marketing channel can you use to reach those costumers at those places?


Sure, it may seem like an oversimplification, but overcomplicating the issue early on will only lead to an extremely messy situation later.


So, how are these questions going to help you?


Well, it seems obvious enough, but understanding who you are trying to reach is the foundation for your entire marketing strategy. If you begin creating SEO content about children’s toys, but you are trying to reach children aged 8-12, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.



Tip: Age is not enough. Learn more about your target audience than you think you need to know. Where are they from? What do they like to do? What do they do in their free time? All of these questions (and many more questions) will help you determine the answer to the next question: where is your target audience?


So, creating SEO content wouldn’t be the best idea for 8-12 year olds, because they probably aren’t going to sit down to read and article on “the history of toy robots.” But, because of their placement in the younger generation, they probably are on the internet a decent amount. So instead of SEO, maybe create an Instagram or Twitter account, and/or create ads to appear on other apps. Figuring out the best channels to use for your business shouldn’t be too hard when you boil your business, and its goals, down to its most simplistic form.


Remember who your target audience is, where they are, and what they want. These three rules will lead you to the best marketing channels to use. If properly conquering a marketing strategy still seems slightly overwhelming, there is no shame in reaching out to a marketing agency for more guidance!


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Benefits of Exercising Regularly

There are many more benefits of exercising regularly than there are drawbacks. Exercising regularly can help you in almost anything you want to improve on in your life. It can range from having a better body, to changing your mood, better sleep, and even having more energy. Don’t you wish you woke up to go to work actually having the energy to get through the day? Try starting off with a light run of some sort everyday, that will get your blood flowing.

Your Body

Pug Personal Trainer

Depending on the amount of exercise you do it can help you lose weight and tone your body, or just maintain the weight you are currently at. The more intense the exercise is the more calories you are going to burn. Burning calories is what helps you lose weight or open room for more calories to be indulged. Your exercise can either come from the gym, at home, or even on the way to work when you decide to walk up those dreadful stairs. Consistency is key!

Your Mood

Finger art of friends.

Sometimes we get down on ourselves and need an emotional lift. People turn to many things to change their mood, but one of the best is exercising regularly. Exercising can be a good stress reliever when we’ve had a long day. Going to the gym or even on a 30 minute walk can help release various brain chemicals that can help relieve stress. The progress you make on your body will also help with your mood when you look in the mirror and see improvement.

You Energy 

Fitness equipment and healthy food composition.

Ever feel like you get tired too quick? Walking up one flight of stairs feels like you just walked up three? You guessed it! Exercising regularly can help with that. Exercising builds endurance and improves your muscle strength. Staying active gives you a better quality of life, in all aspects of it. It will better your blood flow, your heart and lungs. Long story short, you will be able to do more while getting tired less.

Overall Health

good health and good life

Like I said earlier, there are many more benefits to exercising regularly than there are drawbacks, if there are any. You will feel like a different person if you exercise consistently. You will not only FEEL better, but you will BE better. The more active you are the better your heart and lungs operate. It can also help clear your mind leaving you happier and more relaxed. So next time you want to take that elevator, think of your health and take those stairs.


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The Culture at inMark Media

Working your typical 9 to 5 will get very repetitive and dull. Waking up every morning to rush to work, driving through traffic, and dealing with those coworkers, who are just that, coworkers. When you work at inMark Media you really found a diamond in the rough.

The culture here is different than others, it is very uplifting and fun. Working with so many likeminded positive people will change those coworkers to friends that you work with. This makes everything you do just that much enjoyable. You want to get up in the morning, you don’t mind the traffic you have to go through, you are happy to be with your friends, and there is a lot of Dunkin’ that goes on around here.

It all starts from the top. Franco and Marco, our CEO and COO respectively, are both putting in efforts to instill that kind of culture in the work place. Hiring like minded people is very difficult, you don’t actually know a person until you hire them, anything before could be a bluff. After you hire the right people maintaining the culture should be a little easier. Franco and Marco instilled a sense of family, everything is so transparent with open door policies, team trips, and daily huddles. Everyone is always in communication in our group chat and pushing others to be the best versions of themselves each day.

Once Marco and Franco have instilled the culture they want, it is up to everyone else to buy into the culture to set it in stone. That is exactly what has happened. Your coworkers at inMark Media, strive to be the best versions of themselves, while encouraging others to do the same. Whether its going to the gym before or after work, denying the pizza from the new guy who has yet to learn the healthy lifestyle, or even a simple text of appreciation, at inMark Media we always grow as a family.  To get to know each of the team members click here.


Source: https://inmarkmg.com/culture/the-culture-at-inmark-media/

Meditation and Its Benefits

Everybody is not lucky enough to have time solely for themselves, spend most of the day stressing about things out of their control, and never find the time to relax. Little do they know, relaxing your mind and focusing it on yourself for at least 10 minutes a day can do so much for your mental and even physical health. There are multiple studies showing the benefits of meditation and how important it is to our daily routines. Meditation greatly reduces stress, helps clear your mind, and increases our capacity to find ourselves within the world we live in. After reading this, I want you to give yourself some time away from everything that stresses you out, and mediate to better yourself.

Mental Benefits 

To get the full benefits of meditation, one must reach a relaxed state mentally. This prevents constant stimuli from entering the brain pathways, which in turn allows the brain to be fully relaxed and in a state of deep rest. Meditation is not only a technique to relax, it is a practice of self care that helps the practitioner to become more in tune with the inner self. Here is a list of the mental benefits that go hand in hand with meditation.

  • Emotional Stability
  • Creativity Increases
  • Happiness Increases
  • Peace of Mind
  • Problems Become Smaller (My Favorite)
  • Improves Mood and Behavior

Physical Benefits 

When meditating you are replacing Beta waves (functioning brain waves) for Alpha waves (relaxed brain waves), which allows the nervous system to relax and improve functionality. This leads to a list of benefits to your overall physical health.

  • High Blood Pressure May Decrease
  • Immune System Improves
  • Overall Energy Level Increases
  • Decreases Tension Related Pain
    • Ulcers
    • Insomnia
    • Headaches
    • Muscle and Joint Problems


Knowing all the benefits of mediation it is hard to not implement it in your daily routine. Although, it is very beneficial to our bodies as a whole, it also takes reap the benefits of meditation. It involves an ongoing process of repetitive meditation and practicing self care. It won’t come overnight, keep at it and you will see your world change right in front of you!




Source: https://inmarkmg.com/culture/meditation-and-its-benefits/

Attitude is Everything, Choose Positivity!

Your attitude is the way you perceive the world around you and it will affect your life, good or bad. Attitude like many other things is a choice. It gets complicated when the attitude you chose was learned. For example, a child who is growing up with a pessimistic guardian or only experiences the worst of what life has to offer, will develop a negative attitude towards the world around them. Learning to be optimistic will better your life in more ways than one could imagine. The attitude you have towards the situations that occur in your life will in return make it daunting or a learning experience. What you take from a given situation can I either make or break you, this is why optimism is key. An optimist can make any situation go from the worst thing that ever happened to a slap on the wrist. Attitude is contagious, so spread positivity and surround yourself with like minded people. Here is a few ways to live a better life.


Smiling calls for an instant boost in mood. Think of whatever makes you smile, hold that thought for a minute. You will feel better after, and the person next to you will thank you. Smiles are just as contagious as a yawn, spread the happiness. It is a lot easier to be positive when you are feeling good and smiling releases the right endorphins to do so. Another plus are the comments you will get!

Start Your Day Right 

The only thing as important as how you start something, is how you end it. Starting your morning with a daily routine can help jumpstart your mood. It can be as simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier for some meditation. Listening to your favorite song, watching your favorite tv show, and even better, going for a jog.

Appreciate The Small Joys 

People tend to wait for the monumental moments in their lives, for example, graduating school, getting a stable job, and getting married. Waiting for these moments will stress you out when they don’t come as planned. Look forward to the small joys that are in our lives everyday. Waking up in the morning, that plate of food that makes your mouth water, your friends and family, whatever makes you happy.


Take Charge 

When life isn’t going your way, its easy to put the blame on your surroundings. Rather than saying “I could have studied more for this test”, we say it didn’t go well because “My roommate didn’t let me study”. It’s easier to play the victim rather than a creator attitude. Once you are able to take charge and own up to our flaws, you will live a better life knowing you are in control.


Source: https://inmarkmg.com/culture/attitude-is-everything-choose-positivity/

How Grocery Dividers Can Increase Your Company’s Brand Awareness

You’re at the supermarket, and it’s about time to check out. There’s already a costumer checking out in front of you, so you reach for the grocery divider on the checkout lane to separate your purchases from theirs. But, you quickly realize this is not any ordinary grocery divider.

Sure, you’ve seen grocery dividers before, but this one is different—it’s branded. InMark media’s brand bars offer advertisement space on grocery dividers in supermarkets across the country. Unlike other grocery dividers with advertisements, inMark Media’s includes a three-inch billboard that displays clearly branded advertisements for small and medium companies. Not convinced brand bars can suit your business? Check out what your business can benefit from advertising on an inMark media brand bar.

1. Just you and your market


Arguably one of the best perks of our braded grocery dividers is the exclusivity that comes with them. When you decide to make a (very smart) decision to advertise your small business on one of our brand bars, you are embarking on an exclusive opportunity. What does that mean for your small business? That your business is the only one in your industry that will be in your target market’s supermarket. So, all the shoppers will remember you, and only you, next time they need a lawyer, lawn service, etc.


2. They’ll see you again, and again, and again…


When you go to the grocery store and purchase something, you have to check out. It doesn’t matter if you go there three times in one day, three times in a week, or three times in a year.  The check-out process is completely unavoidable, and so is seeing the grocery dividers where your company’s advertisement could be! Repetition is one of the most important parts of building a brand, and branded grocery dividers make it almost completely effortless and almost guaranteed.


3. Completely tangible


There’s no better way to reach your market than to be in their hands—literally. Grocery dividers are tangible and constantly used by grocery shoppers. But, our brand bars take that to the next level, with a three-inch, completely unique, advertisement space for small businesses. It is so unique, that shoppers are bound to take take note of it.


Listen, everyone goes to the supermarket. I mean, do you know a single person who has never stepped food in a supermarket? Probably not. Make an investment in your small business that could lead your company right to your target market’s feet. Whether it’s a brand bar, cart corral, or brand bin, inMark media has all the advertising tools to bring your small business to success.

Source: https://inmarkmg.com/supermarkets/how-grocery-dividers-can-increase-your-companys-brand-awareness/